Why There Are So Many School/college Shooting in Almost Every Day in the US ?

Question by bonding100: Why there are so many school/college shooting in almost every day in the US ?
Today, there was another college shooting in Illinois.

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Answer by [email protected]
Yes and I feel angry. One day here I made the same question and they answer me that “people kill” not the guns. It is a stupid thing to say. Of course, in animated objects can’t move without a human hand, but guns kills. Nobody accept that in American meanwhile have thousands of fire guns shops around the nation and a easy access to it, there will be killings and innocent people dying. I don’t care what people said about the right to bear arms, this is crazy, parents send kids to learn to school and what they got? A bullet in their heads? The government needs to do something about it, in order to control those senseless killings. If you compare United States to the European countries or any other around the world, that nightmare isn’t happening in the schools. I have two children attending college and every time that I heard those news my heart stops. My prayers to the families of those innocents who died today, that would be alive today if we will have better laws about gun control.

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