Personal Experience Only: What Are Signs That Someone Is Abusing Drugs?

Question by nacho c: Personal Experience Only: What are signs that someone is abusing drugs?
Please only give personal experiences as I could have Googled if I just wanted text book signs. Thank you in advance for your input.

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Answer by Foxheart of ShadowClan
Hmm…. There can be a lot of signs, actually. It depends on the type of drug. Some examples can be depression, mental illness, lack of energy (some drugs sap your energy), and lack of enthusiasm for something you use to like (for instance if a person likes to eat, after taking drugs they may lose interest in food).

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  • poweranni says:

    Personal experiences …

    well, from the people I have known…

    their lifestyles become weird and behavior more erratic – for example the might start keeping weird hours, or really long hours and their is no food in the house … or they sleep all day … or alternate between sleeping really long and being up for days straight – and have buddies that are on that same rhythm.

    this alone is not a sign of drug abuse … it might accompany other stuff.

    Their interests change. Like let’s say that she used to absolutely love cooking, or parakeets or whatever. Now she seems only interested in hanging out with these other people at 4 am and not doing much of anything that you might consider constructive.

    Their moods change. Person might get more grouchy or short tempered. Or the opposite. A shy person might become very outgoing.

    Their friendships change.

    Their appearance chances. They can gain weight, or lose weight, or look haggard, or even look fantastic for a while. Their clothing and style might change.

    None of these things alone point to drug abuse. But the signs can be there if there are some changes for the worse, over a few weeks or months, etc.

    I’ve never abused drugs, but I have known people with that problem.

  • Chandran Daddylonglegs says:

    that is a stupid question. “drugs,” is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of substances that are not related to each other in any way at all. Im assuming you mean illegal drugs, but even in this case, the effects, the chemistry, and signs of drug use among lets say- coke, marijuana, and LSD, are all completely different. Be more specific if you want a good answer… which drug?

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