What Is the Willard Drug Program?

Question by diamonds f: what is the willard drug program?
my baby father did 4yrs for assault, basically he got off 6month ago and he is on parole, he violated parole when undercovers had a warant for his appartment and he was arrested for ilegal substances, he got off on 1500$ bail but when he went to his parole program he got arrested and he has been at rikers for a month, what do u think he might get

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Answer by Penguin_Bob
You should find your answer about the program at one of these sites …


As far as what sentence he might get, there is no way to tell in advance. It depends on how he comes across to the judge, what impression he can project when he gets to court, what his probation officer/counsellor says, how strongly the prosecutor pushes things, and what mood the judge is in. Sorry to be blunt, but as a regular drug user unable to control himself he is really a loser and no good to you or the baby. Either dump him outright or get a family lawyer who may be able to help you find some support or other assistance. You have to think of the child first, yourself second, and the loser a distant third. Good luck!

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