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Gateway Foundation Chicago West Treatment Center – Learn more about the Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center in Chicago West, Illinois. With more than 40 years of treatment experience, our speci…


Brain changes of autism may begin in the womb

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The increased autism risk in the JAMA study likely stems from an underlying problem with the pregnancy, rather than any of the methods used to jump-start labor, says lead author Simon Gregory of the Duke Institute of Molecular Physiology. … also goes …
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We Want Veterans to Share True Stories of the VA

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Last week, a government study into the causes of military and veteran suicides cited factors like depression, mental illness, and drug and alcohol abuse— all things that could be alleviated with the help of a good health care system for veterans. The …
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Monteith's Death Shows Rehab Alone Won't Cure Addiction

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That's not how it works, addiction specialists say. "People have the impression that treatment is complete when the person is sober. They're not using the drug anymore, so they're all better," said Dr. Stuart Gitlow, president of the American Society …
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