40 Year Old Prostitute in Las Vegas Addicted to Meth and Other Drugs?

Question by 18/f/usa: 40 year old Prostitute In Las Vegas Addicted to Meth and other drugs?
I want to help my best friend with this burden. He is 21 years old and living on his own with his father’s moral support, so he is not completely alone family-wise, but he is extremely close with his mother because his dad wasn’t in the picture until 14 years old. He loves his mother more than anything in the world and it deeply pains him to know where she is in life because, daily, he expects the call from his grandma that she’s dead. He has no hope she will change because it seems where ever she goes she gets into the same lifestyle. She is honestly a good person, sweet as can be. Are there any options for this woman because she can not keep hooking for a living very soon or survive as a meth addict much longer. I want to commit her to a rehab center, but I don’t know if that’s the best thing or if she will even go! She needs therapy, and that’s for sure. Her early life was tragic.

Please answer.

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Anyone that continues with this life style isn’t a good person. My early life was tragic, too, but I didn’t resort to selling my body and taking drugs. She needs to get a grip and a real job.

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  • Jade S says:

    Talk to your friend about it and get his opinion. What he thinks he should do since it’s his mother he might know what she will or won’t do a little better. Then do the right thing, get her help at the least.

  • KC V ™ says:

    Within my own jurisdiction, one can have a person committed through the Probate Court!

    I have worked in Drug Enforcement for about 20 years now. The worse drug I know of is methamphetamine. The prostitution is a side job to pay for the drugs or in exchange for the drugs.

    The bad thing about meth is its addictive qualities. Most people I know involved in meth use indicated an extremely strong desire to continue use in order to prevent withdrawal from the drug.

    It becomes a vicious fight to avoid the depression after cessation.

    To help someone come off the drug it’ll take good friends and family for strong support and it can be done!

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