40 Year Old Prostitute in Las Vegas Addicted to Meth and Other Drugs?

Question by 18/f/usa: 40 year old Prostitute In Las Vegas Addicted to Meth and other drugs?
I want to help my best friend with this burden. He is 21 years old and living on his own with his father’s moral support, so he is not completely alone family-wise, but he is extremely close with his mother because his dad wasn’t in the picture until 14 years old. He loves his mother more than anything in the world and it deeply pains him to know where she is in life because, daily, he expects the call from his grandma that she’s dead. He has no hope she will change because it seems where ever she goes she gets into the same lifestyle. She is honestly a good person, sweet as can be. Are there any options for this woman because she can not keep hooking for a living very soon or survive as a meth addict much longer. I want to commit her to a rehab center, but I don’t know if that’s the best thing or if she will even go! She needs therapy, and that’s for sure. Her early life was tragic.

Rob Scoble, Hyde Tools, Southbridge, MA


Rob Scoble, Hyde Tools, Southbridge, MA – Hyde Tools was founded in Southbridge in 1875, when Isaac Hyde started selling leather and shoe knives. The company has two divisions: Hyde Tools, which manu…


STATEHOUSE ROUNDUP: Legislators make sausage

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Domestic workers may wind up as the beneficiaries of the bicameral bickering around how to pass a minimum wage increase and unemployment insurance reforms in Massachusetts. Well, them, or the Democrats standing for election. If the legislative effort …
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Looking for a Christian Rehabilitation Center for Drug Abuse?

Question by tury7177: looking for a Christian Rehabilitation Center for drug abuse?

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Answer by Schleppy
I just typed “christian drug rehab” into the Yahoo search engine and it brought up a bunch of websites for different places around the country. Give it a try.

Christian counseling for drug abuse saved my brother’s life when other counselors had failed, so I wish you the same success. (He wasn’t even a Christian yet at the time, by the way.)

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How to Gey Off Suboxone?

Question by Joey: How to gey off suboxone?
I have been on suboxone for 2 weeks now. I have been taking 8 mg twice a day for the two weeks. What is the best way to ween off the suboxone to feel the least or no withdraws at all? How long and how many mg a day should I cut down to?

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Answer by Nancy
Go to this clinic in Lilburn:


because you will need help weaning off this strong narcotic and hopefully they can help.

Did I get the city right?

Does Anyone Know Any Programs or Grants in California to Help Get You Into a Rehab for Alcohol?

Question by Kaitlyn M: Does anyone know any programs or grants in california to help get you into a rehab for alcohol?
Im broke and have no credit for a loan and need help sap ad yet cant find anything cheaper than about 1500 a month which is really hard for me to do?

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Pics for Drug Abuse and Litter(trash). Please& Thank You?

Question by Alexanderia T: pics for drug abuse and litter(trash). please& thank you?
need it for teen law.

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State program to help fight prescription drug abuse has destroyed 3.3 tons of

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North Dakota's attorney general says a state program that collects unused medication to help fight prescription drug abuse has destroyed 3.3 tons of Oxycontin and other drugs in the past five years. North Dakota's attorney general says a state program …
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